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The Olympic Games Are the Most Desirable Sponsoring Property

The exclusivity of the Olympic sponsors

Because of its unique characteristics, the Olympics have been able to implement a rigorous and limiting system when it comes to broadcasting visibility and rights packages.

Brands must be heard, not only seen

The Olympics are a major event all around the world. Consequently, many brands (including non-official sponsors) are looking to place advertisements during and around the event. Thus, the global scale of the Olympics results in an overall cluttered advertising space. Besides, advertisement space gets more exclusive during such busy times in any area. The same applies to broadcasting and social media advertisements.

Access is hard

The heroic performances, signature moments, and individual stories of the Olympic athletes are at the core of the Olympic movement. Yet, being an Olympic sponsor does not guarantee access to the participating athletes. Superstar athletes are especially hard to access and often have a broad portfolio of sponsoring brands themselves.

Are the Olympic Games the most desirable event for your brand?

To summarize, being an Olympic sponsor grants brands access to an exclusive package of humanitarian values and inspiring stories that no other multi-sport event can match.

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With the brand association and image transfer being such a big factor in the sponsorship, brands need to accept that ROO rather than ROI might be the dominant objective; something which not all brands dare to accept.