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Sponsorship Snacks Week 26

Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash


For many years Nike has been sitting on the golden throne of the sports marketing industry. They are known for cutting-edge innovation, an authentic roster of high-performing athletes, and an iconic slogan that continues to embody the essence of the brand. Their advertisements are considered to be some of the world’s best. Good examples are the recent “Dream Crazy” and “Dream Crazier” campaigns.

Nike look set to remain a powerhouse in the sporting goods category for years to come. Yet, in the past, many powerful brands have failed to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. …

Week 25

An estimated 3.5 billion people watch the Tour de France. That makes it one of the most viewed sporting events in the world. Cycling is easy to understand, the stages have beautiful scenery, and the races are decided in the last seconds.

Covid has boosted cycling’s popularity even further. While many other activities had to be postponed, cycling was, for many, THE weekend activity of the lockdown months.

But the Tour de France has been missing something for most of its glorious days: A women’s race. Now the Tour de France organizers have finally reacted. They recently confirmed the first…

Week 24

The European Championship is underway, and everybody loves football. Arenas are (kinda) full, and fan chants are back.

On the other side of the globe, Copa America is losing sponsors. When the news broke on May 31st, the negative sentiment for Copa America exploded with more than 25k negative mentions. Yikes. Consequently, Mastercard and beverage companies Ambev and Diageo decided not to activate the property after the organizers moved it to Brazil.

Or should you get an invite

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Let’s take a trip to the past. It’s 2010, Kobe Bryant just secured the second straight championship for the LA Lakers, Instagram gets launched, Apple presented the first iPad, and playing computer games was merely a hobby.

Since 2010, many things have changed, but one of the most epic developments was the emergence of eSports. Back in 2010, nobody could have imagined that your friend, who used to play too much FIFA in school, will soon become a professional athlete. While eSports dates back to 1999, it is only in the last 10 years that brands have considered it a…

Week 23

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Imagine being 124 years old and not telling anyone about it. During the vaccination process in India, doctors found Rehtee Begum, possibly the oldest human being that ever lived on earth (Source).

New research shows this could be only the beginning. The researchers suggest that we will all live until we are 150 (Source). Good luck trying to explain TikTok to your great-great-great-granddaughter or grandson.

Sponsors Rally Behind Tennis Superstar

Nike, TagHeuer, Sweetgreen, and Calm, a meditation app have opted to back Naomi Osaka in her decision to back out of the french open due to mental health struggles (Source).

Calm went one step further…

Week 22

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‘So, where will you travel to next ?’ That will probably replace ‘can you hear me?’ as the most frequent question whenever you and your friends get together. Seldom was there a time where the business world was so interested in travel behavior.

Nine out of ten Americans plan to travel in the next six months (Source). Prices are soaring due to the travel mania, so make sure to book your flight in advance. Interestingly, working from home positively impacts one’s ability to travel. And for those of you who think Anguilla must be an expensive wine, here is a…

Week 19

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Have you ever asked yourself how big the biggest rubber duck in the world is? Here is your answer: 26 by 20 by 32 meters (85 ft × 66 ft × 105 ft). Watch her invade Lake Erie here.

In other rubber duck news, this guy inspired his town by spelling out messages with rubber duckies in his front yard. A MUST watch.

NBA Invests Heavily in African League

Trivia Question: What rapper published an album and signed a contract to become a professional (!) basketball player this month?

a) Drake

b) Eminem?

c) J. Cole

Rapper J. Cole will play for the Rwandan team ‘…

Discussing the Halo Effect in sponsorship

Here is a quick overview about the different sections of the article:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Holy Grail of Sponsorship Evaluation
  3. FC Barcelona — A Crumbling Giant
  4. Can Barca Replace Messi?
  5. Are Barca’s Sponsors Suffering From the Bankruptcy Scandal?
  6. Conclusion


When comparing a football team to sport sponsorship, one finds a surprising number of similarities. Just like a team victory, sponsorship success also depends on multiple variables. Yet, there is one crucial difference. While it is quite easy to measure the success of a team, measuring sponsorship success is much harder to quantify.

The Holy Grail of Sponsorship Evaluation

Historically, sponsorship evaluation has been heavily dependent on media…

Week 18


Do you still remember what it is like to hug your friends after a night out? What sounded like a dream a couple of months ago will come true after a year of non-hugging.

In the UK, people will be allowed to press (someone) tightly in one’s arms as a sign of affection. Simply put, they are legally allowed to hug a person outside their home (Source). You know that the current times are crazy world if this is a major headline. For everybody outside the UK, hang in there! The light at the end of the tunnel is near.

ManUtd Loses Jersey Sponsor Because of Super League

Week 17

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According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the English language consists of about one million words (Source). As you can imagine, new words are added all the time. The addition that went kind of viral: Cheugy.

For all those who don’t spend (too much) time, here is an explanation by the New York Times:

It’s not quite “basic,” which can describe someone who is a conformist or perhaps generic in their tastes, and it’s not quite “uncool.” It’s not embarrassing or even always negative. Cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) can be used, broadly, to describe someone who is out of date or trying…

Advanced Sponsorship Insights


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